About Forby Animal Foundation

The Forby Animal Foundation was established in 2005 to honor the memory of a true advocate for pets.

Owner Ron Horton’s dear aunt, Sarah Forby, dedicated her time, assets and undying love for pets throughout her 80 years. A small woman with a big heart, Sarah Forby was a pet lover, pure and simple.

Having no formal training or financial backing, she cared for any and all animals that crossed her path. Knowing that anything, no matter how small, could make a difference in their precarious lives.

All raised funds go towards supporting local animal shelters and care facilities to allow for the continuance of proper care, treatment, and shelter of all animals.

Make A Difference, Save A Life

The Forby Animal Foundation’s vision is a lifelong, loving home for every pet and to promote healthy relationships between people and pets. Consider making a donation to our Arizona shelters.

Make a donation

Make a big difference in these animal’s lives by making a small donation. You are the difference that Arizona’s homeless and abused animals need! Forby Animal Foundation relies on the generosity of community members to help us provide the best care for the animals that take refuge at our facility. All donations are used to directly help the animals we serve. Thank you for your love and support!

Become a volunter

Your time and effort will help make the animals at Arizona’s no kill shelter’s as comfortable as possible. stay in touch with your community and its needs and issues as they relate to the humane treatment of animals.